Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day 2013

This labor workers in nearly all the wolrd celebrate labor day is right on 1st of May. their worker tool to the the road with large enough mass to assert their right as workers. Because until now their are many workers who get reward are very small and many are not getting their right from eligibity.

Other than that the demands of the workers, among other about the old age insurance dues issue (JHT, the provisions of social security organizing agency (BPJS), life worth living addition parameter (KHL) and the rejecttion of low wages and outsourcing. 

Hopefully by the action of these workers can be open the hearts of the rules of this country to be able to think clearly in response too all demands of the workers.

And do not forget to all labor union activies in Indonesia who have been fighting thr rights of thousands of workers, we say thank you very much this hopefully be a good deed for you.