Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day 2013

This labor workers in nearly all the wolrd celebrate labor day is right on 1st of May. their worker tool to the the road with large enough mass to assert their right as workers. Because until now their are many workers who get reward are very small and many are not getting their right from eligibity.

Other than that the demands of the workers, among other about the old age insurance dues issue (JHT, the provisions of social security organizing agency (BPJS), life worth living addition parameter (KHL) and the rejecttion of low wages and outsourcing. 

Hopefully by the action of these workers can be open the hearts of the rules of this country to be able to think clearly in response too all demands of the workers.

And do not forget to all labor union activies in Indonesia who have been fighting thr rights of thousands of workers, we say thank you very much this hopefully be a good deed for you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep Spirit

Its very a long time I have not write in this blog, caused very much reason why I not write an article in this blog. The reason is busy, yes in the near times I am very busy, I have a work and another activity in organization in the job place or in the my home place.

Another that reason, sometime I felling not good for write something useful for anyone, and not get inspiration for to appear my thingking in writing.

In this session I want only to tell to you about how difficult to depend spirit for go to the sucsess. Its hard to work, not easy surrender and always go ahead although very much challange. Its easy to say but its very difficult for do it.

So for your and I always keep spirit, and Always learning and learning..although you failed try again.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Story Of Yusuf Mansur

Yusuf Mansur is nothing else was long ago, He is only student of informatica system in university, but his college not finished, cause he likes the motor race. And he is very loved by his parents. He born in the Betawi family and rich family.

Before now Yusuf mansur as The leader of  Pesantren Daarul Quran Cipondoh Tanggerang and the leader of Wisatahati, he is have experienced though times. He never had a debt of Bilions, caused that he until imprisoned.

He had sold ice in buss terminal, and many good experince that he bring like now.  Many tv program that he running now, and he is a success entrepreuneur too. Many company that he leader.

Another that he is has good idea for this country, he want to make the next generation of Indonesia to be Hafizh Quran, that its very noble goals, I hope all he's goals achieved.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Just a minute the month of ramadhan coming up, where there are many blessing in Ramadhan month that give by Allah aja wa zalla. Doubled every practice good our actions and in the Ramadhan its the one night where there better from a thoulsand month, it's the name "Lailatul Qodar Night".

So another mandatory fasting in this month, Allah SWT command to our for many action useful, and even harder to pry and must competing in the serve to Allah, so got blessing from Allah SWT. This is big oportunity for a mukmin  to get the glory of Allah SWT.

So in to welcome fasting month not excessive or do not overdo, like buy a many food or drink like sirup or another, prepare anything the logistic for welcome the ramadhan. Or don't run the rituals that not commanded by Rosulullah, like shower in the river together, and many thing that not useful for action.

The good do it for welcome ramadhan month are increased diligently read the Qur'an, if you can, try to understand and than to apply it in the life a little bit. Another it's a relationship with others.

Be happy with to welcome this the holy month, because anyone who likes the coming of ramadhan month, Allah will forgive their sins of past. Optimally use the this month.

How To Handle Blogs that do not Have Data:post.body

Yesterday I'm confused when I looking for a <data:post.body/> or <p> <data:post.body/></p> in my blog, and than I try to arround google, and find how to handle this problem.

To shorten the time lets go to begin how way this problem.The way firt you must login to your blogger and than choice design and edit HTML.

Ok the ordinary that the code <data:post.body/> not appear is forget to cheking the little box "Expand Template Widget". While the function of to cheking the Expand Template Widget is appearing the hidden code, so with cheking that little box, all code will be display.

Ok friend, have you find that code or <data:post.body/>?? I hope you have finding. Good luck friend..!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glad To Meet The Old Friends

That day is the holiday, I thingking how to make this holiday useful, not spend wasted. At least I to call a friend and I told to him I want to visit his house for drink a coffee only. And he to promised me for to visit to his home.

Until his home I to ask how his news, Allhamdulillah he so fine and well. That day its holiday to for him, so we enjoying that time for to speak long time. We drink a coffee behind to told about our activity now, and how to planning this life at the future.

After to visit a one friend, I to visit again to my another friend. He is ex employee when we to work in manufacture. But he became a free job. I thing he is a strong man and can planned his life although not work in manufacture like me. He can struggle to arround this life with his family without another person help. I think He is a strong entrepreuneur. His mainset is always go and go for your goal, not stay in your place, we must move for to get our goal, need hard struggle and that not easy. You will be get many obstacle. He said that all about how to handle this life.

I get a very good learning in that days meeting, so I salute for him, he has a strong mentality how to handle a life difficult. Not to depend to one person but with work by self he can survive. Nice to meet you friend!!!!     

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Benefits "Jarak" (Jatropha) Plant For Dental

Many people assume that the "Jarak" Plant or we call jatropha, its only wild plant and not useful. But later revealed that the plant has health benefits. Such as from the seeds of  "jarak plant  can be used for Biodesel energy. Currently being developed by Pertamina used for an alternative source energy. This Proved tha the previous plant appears to have overlooked, has a substantial economic value.

What ever we thingking about benefits this plant?, the plant we often see in the yard, but we often ignore that plant. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) including the euphorbiaceae family, a famaly with a rubber and cassava. Indonesian people using this plant as a drug therapy to treat a fever outside. For example is often used as a fertility drug or hairs cuts.

Now Scientist have observe that the plant containing a sap sterol coumpound, flavones and spaponim.Sterol are precursor for the formation of vitamin D. Flavon is a part of the flavonoid that may fuction as anti-implammatory. While the coumpound is one od the main form spaponin glycoside, coumpound is the toxic. Currently being studied the benefits jatropha plant to overcome gum inflammation of the pulp that can dammage the gums.

And to use that is enough to rub it on the sick, and the effect will be fell after you use that. I hope so hurry get bette soon.