Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glad To Meet The Old Friends

That day is the holiday, I thingking how to make this holiday useful, not spend wasted. At least I to call a friend and I told to him I want to visit his house for drink a coffee only. And he to promised me for to visit to his home.

Until his home I to ask how his news, Allhamdulillah he so fine and well. That day its holiday to for him, so we enjoying that time for to speak long time. We drink a coffee behind to told about our activity now, and how to planning this life at the future.

After to visit a one friend, I to visit again to my another friend. He is ex employee when we to work in manufacture. But he became a free job. I thing he is a strong man and can planned his life although not work in manufacture like me. He can struggle to arround this life with his family without another person help. I think He is a strong entrepreuneur. His mainset is always go and go for your goal, not stay in your place, we must move for to get our goal, need hard struggle and that not easy. You will be get many obstacle. He said that all about how to handle this life.

I get a very good learning in that days meeting, so I salute for him, he has a strong mentality how to handle a life difficult. Not to depend to one person but with work by self he can survive. Nice to meet you friend!!!!     

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