Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep Spirit

Its very a long time I have not write in this blog, caused very much reason why I not write an article in this blog. The reason is busy, yes in the near times I am very busy, I have a work and another activity in organization in the job place or in the my home place.

Another that reason, sometime I felling not good for write something useful for anyone, and not get inspiration for to appear my thingking in writing.

In this session I want only to tell to you about how difficult to depend spirit for go to the sucsess. Its hard to work, not easy surrender and always go ahead although very much challange. Its easy to say but its very difficult for do it.

So for your and I always keep spirit, and Always learning and learning..although you failed try again.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Story Of Yusuf Mansur

Yusuf Mansur is nothing else was long ago, He is only student of informatica system in university, but his college not finished, cause he likes the motor race. And he is very loved by his parents. He born in the Betawi family and rich family.

Before now Yusuf mansur as The leader of  Pesantren Daarul Quran Cipondoh Tanggerang and the leader of Wisatahati, he is have experienced though times. He never had a debt of Bilions, caused that he until imprisoned.

He had sold ice in buss terminal, and many good experince that he bring like now.  Many tv program that he running now, and he is a success entrepreuneur too. Many company that he leader.

Another that he is has good idea for this country, he want to make the next generation of Indonesia to be Hafizh Quran, that its very noble goals, I hope all he's goals achieved.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Just a minute the month of ramadhan coming up, where there are many blessing in Ramadhan month that give by Allah aja wa zalla. Doubled every practice good our actions and in the Ramadhan its the one night where there better from a thoulsand month, it's the name "Lailatul Qodar Night".

So another mandatory fasting in this month, Allah SWT command to our for many action useful, and even harder to pry and must competing in the serve to Allah, so got blessing from Allah SWT. This is big oportunity for a mukmin  to get the glory of Allah SWT.

So in to welcome fasting month not excessive or do not overdo, like buy a many food or drink like sirup or another, prepare anything the logistic for welcome the ramadhan. Or don't run the rituals that not commanded by Rosulullah, like shower in the river together, and many thing that not useful for action.

The good do it for welcome ramadhan month are increased diligently read the Qur'an, if you can, try to understand and than to apply it in the life a little bit. Another it's a relationship with others.

Be happy with to welcome this the holy month, because anyone who likes the coming of ramadhan month, Allah will forgive their sins of past. Optimally use the this month.

How To Handle Blogs that do not Have Data:post.body

Yesterday I'm confused when I looking for a <data:post.body/> or <p> <data:post.body/></p> in my blog, and than I try to arround google, and find how to handle this problem.

To shorten the time lets go to begin how way this problem.The way firt you must login to your blogger and than choice design and edit HTML.

Ok the ordinary that the code <data:post.body/> not appear is forget to cheking the little box "Expand Template Widget". While the function of to cheking the Expand Template Widget is appearing the hidden code, so with cheking that little box, all code will be display.

Ok friend, have you find that code or <data:post.body/>?? I hope you have finding. Good luck friend..!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glad To Meet The Old Friends

That day is the holiday, I thingking how to make this holiday useful, not spend wasted. At least I to call a friend and I told to him I want to visit his house for drink a coffee only. And he to promised me for to visit to his home.

Until his home I to ask how his news, Allhamdulillah he so fine and well. That day its holiday to for him, so we enjoying that time for to speak long time. We drink a coffee behind to told about our activity now, and how to planning this life at the future.

After to visit a one friend, I to visit again to my another friend. He is ex employee when we to work in manufacture. But he became a free job. I thing he is a strong man and can planned his life although not work in manufacture like me. He can struggle to arround this life with his family without another person help. I think He is a strong entrepreuneur. His mainset is always go and go for your goal, not stay in your place, we must move for to get our goal, need hard struggle and that not easy. You will be get many obstacle. He said that all about how to handle this life.

I get a very good learning in that days meeting, so I salute for him, he has a strong mentality how to handle a life difficult. Not to depend to one person but with work by self he can survive. Nice to meet you friend!!!!     

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Benefits "Jarak" (Jatropha) Plant For Dental

Many people assume that the "Jarak" Plant or we call jatropha, its only wild plant and not useful. But later revealed that the plant has health benefits. Such as from the seeds of  "jarak plant  can be used for Biodesel energy. Currently being developed by Pertamina used for an alternative source energy. This Proved tha the previous plant appears to have overlooked, has a substantial economic value.

What ever we thingking about benefits this plant?, the plant we often see in the yard, but we often ignore that plant. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) including the euphorbiaceae family, a famaly with a rubber and cassava. Indonesian people using this plant as a drug therapy to treat a fever outside. For example is often used as a fertility drug or hairs cuts.

Now Scientist have observe that the plant containing a sap sterol coumpound, flavones and spaponim.Sterol are precursor for the formation of vitamin D. Flavon is a part of the flavonoid that may fuction as anti-implammatory. While the coumpound is one od the main form spaponin glycoside, coumpound is the toxic. Currently being studied the benefits jatropha plant to overcome gum inflammation of the pulp that can dammage the gums.

And to use that is enough to rub it on the sick, and the effect will be fell after you use that. I hope so hurry get bette soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spain Go To The Final Euro 2012

At last Spain go to the final, after defeating Portugal by pilnaty with skor 4-2. Surprisingly Portugal can be resisitance up to Spain "tiki taka" playing, although at last Portugal lossed from Spain.

Indeed the game that night, fortune more favorable Spanish camp. But not less Portugal can be make apportunities and can be give to pressure to Spanish team. Cause the Spain players very dicipline to maintain the their depense area, so attacking  who bulid by Portugal player always fail. although Spain players can be control the game, but their be forced for depense played, and not played as usual. 

Spain in that match was played depense with very good, that result to resist Portugal strikes. The tempo of the game is running slow.

After ninety minutes of normal time, two teams still playing with score 0-0. And than be continued with extra time, and still 0-0, caused that so carried out pilnaty kick. And the winner is Spanish team, at last their go to the final Euro 2012 for three time in arrow in the international tournament, and  waiting who is the winner between Germany or Italy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Way How To Get Dollar In Internet

In this posting I want to share to you about how to get money or dollar in internet. So many way how to get money in internet, but in this posting I want to tell only four ways how to get money in internet with your blog or your website.

This four ways only place to get money, so not many to get dollar

1. Affialiate Program

In this program you only offer several product with your blog. Example this program is Amazon

2. Paid Preview Program

In this program the owner blog sign in to paid review broker, and than the owner blog will be give the task form to make review about their product. Example Reviewme, blogsvertise.

3. Dirrect Advertise

The owner of blog only provider space in their blog from advertise banner.

4. Pay Per Click

This is favorite program in the blogger maniac now, cause the blogger or the owner website will be get many dollar from this program. But for to sign in to Google Adsense its quite difficult.

I hope you follow a one of them program for get money in internet

How Get Rich

Do you know to get rich inthis world, many way to get that. Anyone of them a career in company, wether a supervisor, manager, or directur as well.With a career from the bottom until they get a good potition in a company, so naturally they get big salary, and adequate facilities.

Even they sometimes don't care about friends, family to get an important potition in company, their left elbow, right elbow, no matter halal haram, the most important principle how to get their ambitions. That its no a good doing for to get rich, cause that will be destroyed.

So the either way to get rich is with a trade or started the bussines, cause with the bussines you will be your own boss, you will be determind the bussines ahead or pullback.

Different if you work to other people, you will be command by your boss, and you will be to given salary so in a mont. But in the bussines maybe you will be get money bigger from what in the company. So in the bussines, if you want the big result, you must hard work. And if you lazzy in your work so you will be small result in your bussiness.

So for a person who not yet job, don't be sad.. lets go to bussiness

Monday, June 25, 2012

Semifinal Of Euro 2012

The quarter final of euro cup its finished, only for team go to next round, there are Italia, Germany, Spain And Portugal. There are almost ever to champion this championship, maybe only portugal not yet champion this championship.

In the semifinal Portugal against Spain and Germany meet with Italy. I think in that two macth is not difficult for the prediction, cause there are strong team and there are have tradition of champion. Germany has three time champion, Italy was once a champion, Spain has twice won and Portugal only able to be finalist in 2004  who was then defeated Greece.

In this semifinal Spain be favorite for to champion in this champion, But dont underestimate the dark hourse Portugal who ambition to win this championship for the first. Germany is a well establihsed team, and have a winning mentality, and Germany is specialit tournament. Italy although have many problem in their nation thrugh "calciopolly" case, sometime can be surprise. And we can be wait and see there good match.   


Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Get Much Money From Internet

Day to day not feel,so it quick to pass. It has been two years I made a blog, I learned how to make my blog to look beautiful, my blog its useful for all reader who to visit my blog. But until now I don't get nothing from my blog, maybe that from the visitor to my blog that is not added. or the my goal who want to get some money from my blog.

Until now I always looking for from the google who about make many visitor who ti visit my blog. Other that I looking for some articles that explain how to make be beautiful and nice to read my blog. And not to leave how to get much money from the blog.

I think I must be hard work for to catch up my dream who want to  get money don't hard physical work. Its just sit in front of money flows.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Feel Now

More Confused

I feel from day is always like this, is uncertain. that should go according to plan I was expecting did not come. here is there...  will be continue like this, I dont know....

I am tired of undergoing all this unimagineable'll like this. Is going to end... only Gods Knows
I very hope what I expeted, I look forward God will give me way for all these.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

We Can Only Plan

Life is already set by the Almigty, it is written in Lauhul Mahfuz .Both human activities every detail, hidden or overt, until leaf fall was already written in Lauhul Mahfuz before God created the heavens and the earth.

We had planned on living in the future, but sometimes it doesnot go according to plan we expect. We can only plan, ut try and pray that God determines the outcome.

All plans for the next few years this or that. But everything is a mess. Perhaps lesson can be taken all that is, God knows what,s the best for his servant, might not necessarily think we are both good in God's eyes so did the opposite.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Premier League Match PVMI Cibinong

PVMI League back in 2012 crash is making increasing activity PVMI employees on Saturday and Sunday. This PVMI new league start on Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at 15.00 pm between depending champions packing againts strong teams Finish Good.

In the second match took place between production A againts Production C. In the game runs quite a lot, although defense of pruduction C locked up by the Production A, the production C can last until the end of the drink half the score was still 0-0.

Production C suprising the player of grup A with a goal by mistake a fw dependers and score 1-0, Production C leading. this situation make the players of grup A panic as ever. But after a few change on the player to change the pattern of the game. And finally the Production A can be turned into 2-1 lead. Goal made by Higuain and Firman Utina.

Chelsea hold MU 3-3

In advaced compettion english primer league Chelsea draw againts MU. Act as host Chelsea entertain MU . at MU must win this match to be sticking points at the top of Manchaster City points. Points diffrence  between the two clubs this Manchaster CIty just a few poits adrift.

Chelsea ahead in the 36th minute own goal by Jony Evans ended until halftime. At the beginning of the second half, Chelsea's success increased his lead through Juan Mata and David Luiz 46 minutes five minutes later

Wayne Rooney' two penalties in minutes 58 and 69 revive hope. Javier Hernandez before finally equlized in the 84th minutes to force the match ended in a draw.

Gained one point does not change the position of the two clubs in the standings board. Chelsea remain in fourth with 43 results 24 times the value of play, while MU in second place with a value of 55, two points adrift of Manchaster City on top.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Familiarize Something To Not Feel Weigtht To Do

It Felt a little dizzy this head, having just woke up from sleep. Understandably out of work last nigt stayin up all nigth full. Yes that's fate as operator or small person. Working at night is not unusual nature or natural. Because God created the night to rest while the day earn a living.

For nearly 10 years have undergone this. Indeed, when I was young when steping on the age of 20 years so do not feel tired or complain from working at night. Perhaps the spirit was still working. Focused and not much have mind as it is now. It is also support in excellent physical.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Began To Clean Household Appliances

After the thougt of thinking about the need for household apliances, eventully I started little by little to buy household appliances. This morning I was with my father ent to nearby furniture store to buy a wardrobe. 

For one hour I select and bid on a clothed closet, finally I select black cabinet with 3 doors and the middle there is a mirror. Clothes closet in select intentionally large because the shirt and pants to fit more.

very important for a family has a closet, because closets can be used to store items such as pants or other clothing. Because if you do not have closet items like that would be stored where. That there could be random mess in the storage of goods such as shirts and pants.

So Althogh I had to wait so long to save enough money to buy a wardrobe. Because its need for the families to be forced. If it is not enforced, when it would have a wardrobe.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Liverpool Win Over MU

Liverpool won 2-1 over Manchaster United and is entited to go to fifth round. The winning  goal created by Dirk Kyut at minute 80.

Previous Liverpool leading 1-0 by Daniel agger's  goal at 21 minutes, than Manchaster United can relply in minute 39 and the goal created by Park Ji Sung.

The result left "The Red Devil" exit from the FA Cup as well us send Liverpool into the fifth round in the event.
Exlaimed the game progreses , both sides attacked each other.Although match was control by Liverpool. But this time luck on the Liverpool.

Congratulations for Liverpool and his fans.

Friday, January 27, 2012

fit after playing football

This body feels refreshed after this afternoon playing football with friends neighbors as always, we often play football in the afternoon. although the field is not too big but we are always serious playing ball, tough and uncompromising. Many benefits are obtained if we often sport, whatever the sport of table tennis, volleyball or other. Among them is always fresh weight than less affected by pain. Because of the toxins through the sweat in the body is issued. Anyway frequent sports and less smoking and stay away from drugs to stay healthy body.

Football is a sport that is very easy to implement, although only a few places and some people just football  could take place. So from that football is a means to becoming healthy and fit. In addition to football is very popular in Indonesia and the world

Tim Sepak Bola Grup A

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The True Experience Be A Father

When I thingking about how hard a parent to maintain they son, for mother from she pregnant until she birth to a son and how to care they son. another that they sometime feel worried for her son, either cause of illness or where his son did not come after playing.

Now I feeling like they, It very worried about healt of my baby, My baby has been hospitalized, having been infected dengue fever.

Think about for a week my baby in hospital. I hope get well my son


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Evening Meal At Work

Praise be To Allah who has given such great favor to His servant, Allhamdulillah on this afternoon I had the evening meal, the menu was vegetable soup and crackers, eggs and add in enough water. Anyway apptite increase after half a day it was tired of working and it's time to eat meal this evening.Beside rice is still hot add spirit to immediately devour  

Ohhh.. thank you God, for all the blessings that You give...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Ways Rise From Bankruptcy

Since economic crisis the number of people filling for bankruptcy protection increseas, and you can planning in order to avoid bankruptcy and the follow 5 ways rise form bankruptcy:

1. Tell the story

    When you bankruptcy, Bank or financial consultant who will be give loan of course want to know the reason    your filiing of  bankruptcy. Tell me clearly an concisely.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Espanyol On Hold Barcelona

The macth  of  Barca againts Espanyol were draw result, it's score 1-1. That result making large of distance point with the leader standings Real Madrid, it's make five points.

In that the game Barcelona were master of the game, barrage of attacks waged by an army of catalunya, but depense of Espanyol it's very strong, so difficult to penetrate by Barcelona Player.

Barcelona the first leading by Fabregas goal in minute  sixteen, while goal back were made by alvaro valquez in eight-six minute, the score not change untill  the end match. On the game, the match lasted cried and  the referee to out several yellow card.

Pep Guardiola as coach of Barcelona received the defeat gracefully  in that game..

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cooperation and Solidarity in Bogor Stone Mountain

The days was drizzling rain and drizzle gain sometimes.Yes on Sunday 8 January 2012 it was veri dark, the alias dark overcast.But it did not dampen the spirit of residents RW 14 vilages Tariolot Stone Mountain vilage to work devotion in their dream bulid a Mosque, Masjid Al-Munawwaroh th beloved. On tht day focused on the development fuze second floor.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Life Examination

Sometimes in the life not always a glad, smooth the way life is. But sometimes we feell bitterness of this life ,
sad and disappointed againts this life full of twist. Must all fell it in his life, there are sad, happy and so on. Because life is spinning like a wheel, sometimes we are under and sometimes above.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Reduced Rations Age In The World

Not feel just my age  already growing. it's has been 33 year old. Now I dont young again, and so my thinking must to change for be the wise, in way I to action must be adult.

Many I have done in my age, like or no like I have passed. So that to add my experience for my life adventure.Still more desire in the life, but it's not all realized and I Must be hard to struggle for achieve there my goal. only pry and surrender to God that we can be do, and the result we leave it to God.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

National Mobil Esemka Made In Indonesia

Salute for the kids SMK in solo that has be successfuly assembled a car, the name of  the car is Esemka, that is result the work of the nation, and this must be appreciated, because that is a pride for the nation and the country is. Wile the children fro SMK 2 Solo, SMKN 5 Solo, SMK Warga Solo, SMK Dirgajaya, and SMK Rajawali Solo.They guided by Kiat Motor,Klaten.

1000 Sandals Action As in Protest of Justice

In the several of Indonesia carry out 1000 sandals action as in protest of justice. This event organized by activies in Indonesia. This event caused a court child who steals slippers at Palu, the central of Sulawesi. The child name is AAL who steal sandals.

Many sandals will be give to some of the law departemet, including prosecutors, police,etc. the firt have been received many sandals in the police departement. The Police will be share from give result to which needed.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How To Raise Visitor To The Blog

In the challenge I want to share how to raise visitor to our blog. Sometime we thinking about our blog where we after make the blog be a good, the appearance it wonderfull when viewed, the content is quality and complete, but no more know about with your blog address. so for it you need to introduce out country.

Introduce that your blog have a good many complete content and useful for all to out country, many ways for to attract visitors, such as with SEO (Search Engine Optimation) there is techniques optimaze website and blog in the search engine, for example in the google  and yahoo.Many techniques can be use for it, one of them is Web Submission.

Monday, January 02, 2012

About Us

Wellcome to this blog, this blog create for share knowledge and technique to add creativity to in order to always place to put all thoughts that always can be useful for us and for all who are willing to visit this blog.

In this blogs  we write about various things, whether related to personal problems or general issues in the discussion a little share to hopefully find solution that can provide benefits, them about health, science or even how to develop on blogs and so forth that we deem necessary to be written.

Thank's for visit to this blog advice and critics can be sent to

Zhafran Home

Yoghurt Are Rich Benefits

Many varian  probiotic food in the market. they are Yoghurt, food probiotic fermented milk though these results have myriad benefits, the texture that soft and match consumed  for kids untill old man.

various studies have shown that yoguhrt prove to be useful for health, food that has fresh sour taste, can inhibit the growth bad bacteria and to care microflora or the good bacteria in alimentary tract, and yoghurt can also to prevent diarrhea and to shorten the digestive tract of acute diarrhea caused by viruses

Sunday, January 01, 2012

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