Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spain Go To The Final Euro 2012

At last Spain go to the final, after defeating Portugal by pilnaty with skor 4-2. Surprisingly Portugal can be resisitance up to Spain "tiki taka" playing, although at last Portugal lossed from Spain.

Indeed the game that night, fortune more favorable Spanish camp. But not less Portugal can be make apportunities and can be give to pressure to Spanish team. Cause the Spain players very dicipline to maintain the their depense area, so attacking  who bulid by Portugal player always fail. although Spain players can be control the game, but their be forced for depense played, and not played as usual. 

Spain in that match was played depense with very good, that result to resist Portugal strikes. The tempo of the game is running slow.

After ninety minutes of normal time, two teams still playing with score 0-0. And than be continued with extra time, and still 0-0, caused that so carried out pilnaty kick. And the winner is Spanish team, at last their go to the final Euro 2012 for three time in arrow in the international tournament, and  waiting who is the winner between Germany or Italy.

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