Friday, June 29, 2012

The Benefits "Jarak" (Jatropha) Plant For Dental

Many people assume that the "Jarak" Plant or we call jatropha, its only wild plant and not useful. But later revealed that the plant has health benefits. Such as from the seeds of  "jarak plant  can be used for Biodesel energy. Currently being developed by Pertamina used for an alternative source energy. This Proved tha the previous plant appears to have overlooked, has a substantial economic value.

What ever we thingking about benefits this plant?, the plant we often see in the yard, but we often ignore that plant. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) including the euphorbiaceae family, a famaly with a rubber and cassava. Indonesian people using this plant as a drug therapy to treat a fever outside. For example is often used as a fertility drug or hairs cuts.

Now Scientist have observe that the plant containing a sap sterol coumpound, flavones and spaponim.Sterol are precursor for the formation of vitamin D. Flavon is a part of the flavonoid that may fuction as anti-implammatory. While the coumpound is one od the main form spaponin glycoside, coumpound is the toxic. Currently being studied the benefits jatropha plant to overcome gum inflammation of the pulp that can dammage the gums.

And to use that is enough to rub it on the sick, and the effect will be fell after you use that. I hope so hurry get bette soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spain Go To The Final Euro 2012

At last Spain go to the final, after defeating Portugal by pilnaty with skor 4-2. Surprisingly Portugal can be resisitance up to Spain "tiki taka" playing, although at last Portugal lossed from Spain.

Indeed the game that night, fortune more favorable Spanish camp. But not less Portugal can be make apportunities and can be give to pressure to Spanish team. Cause the Spain players very dicipline to maintain the their depense area, so attacking  who bulid by Portugal player always fail. although Spain players can be control the game, but their be forced for depense played, and not played as usual. 

Spain in that match was played depense with very good, that result to resist Portugal strikes. The tempo of the game is running slow.

After ninety minutes of normal time, two teams still playing with score 0-0. And than be continued with extra time, and still 0-0, caused that so carried out pilnaty kick. And the winner is Spanish team, at last their go to the final Euro 2012 for three time in arrow in the international tournament, and  waiting who is the winner between Germany or Italy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Way How To Get Dollar In Internet

In this posting I want to share to you about how to get money or dollar in internet. So many way how to get money in internet, but in this posting I want to tell only four ways how to get money in internet with your blog or your website.

This four ways only place to get money, so not many to get dollar

1. Affialiate Program

In this program you only offer several product with your blog. Example this program is Amazon

2. Paid Preview Program

In this program the owner blog sign in to paid review broker, and than the owner blog will be give the task form to make review about their product. Example Reviewme, blogsvertise.

3. Dirrect Advertise

The owner of blog only provider space in their blog from advertise banner.

4. Pay Per Click

This is favorite program in the blogger maniac now, cause the blogger or the owner website will be get many dollar from this program. But for to sign in to Google Adsense its quite difficult.

I hope you follow a one of them program for get money in internet

How Get Rich

Do you know to get rich inthis world, many way to get that. Anyone of them a career in company, wether a supervisor, manager, or directur as well.With a career from the bottom until they get a good potition in a company, so naturally they get big salary, and adequate facilities.

Even they sometimes don't care about friends, family to get an important potition in company, their left elbow, right elbow, no matter halal haram, the most important principle how to get their ambitions. That its no a good doing for to get rich, cause that will be destroyed.

So the either way to get rich is with a trade or started the bussines, cause with the bussines you will be your own boss, you will be determind the bussines ahead or pullback.

Different if you work to other people, you will be command by your boss, and you will be to given salary so in a mont. But in the bussines maybe you will be get money bigger from what in the company. So in the bussines, if you want the big result, you must hard work. And if you lazzy in your work so you will be small result in your bussiness.

So for a person who not yet job, don't be sad.. lets go to bussiness

Monday, June 25, 2012

Semifinal Of Euro 2012

The quarter final of euro cup its finished, only for team go to next round, there are Italia, Germany, Spain And Portugal. There are almost ever to champion this championship, maybe only portugal not yet champion this championship.

In the semifinal Portugal against Spain and Germany meet with Italy. I think in that two macth is not difficult for the prediction, cause there are strong team and there are have tradition of champion. Germany has three time champion, Italy was once a champion, Spain has twice won and Portugal only able to be finalist in 2004  who was then defeated Greece.

In this semifinal Spain be favorite for to champion in this champion, But dont underestimate the dark hourse Portugal who ambition to win this championship for the first. Germany is a well establihsed team, and have a winning mentality, and Germany is specialit tournament. Italy although have many problem in their nation thrugh "calciopolly" case, sometime can be surprise. And we can be wait and see there good match.   


Sunday, June 24, 2012

How To Get Much Money From Internet

Day to day not feel,so it quick to pass. It has been two years I made a blog, I learned how to make my blog to look beautiful, my blog its useful for all reader who to visit my blog. But until now I don't get nothing from my blog, maybe that from the visitor to my blog that is not added. or the my goal who want to get some money from my blog.

Until now I always looking for from the google who about make many visitor who ti visit my blog. Other that I looking for some articles that explain how to make be beautiful and nice to read my blog. And not to leave how to get much money from the blog.

I think I must be hard work for to catch up my dream who want to  get money don't hard physical work. Its just sit in front of money flows.