Friday, June 29, 2012

The Benefits "Jarak" (Jatropha) Plant For Dental

Many people assume that the "Jarak" Plant or we call jatropha, its only wild plant and not useful. But later revealed that the plant has health benefits. Such as from the seeds of  "jarak plant  can be used for Biodesel energy. Currently being developed by Pertamina used for an alternative source energy. This Proved tha the previous plant appears to have overlooked, has a substantial economic value.

What ever we thingking about benefits this plant?, the plant we often see in the yard, but we often ignore that plant. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) including the euphorbiaceae family, a famaly with a rubber and cassava. Indonesian people using this plant as a drug therapy to treat a fever outside. For example is often used as a fertility drug or hairs cuts.

Now Scientist have observe that the plant containing a sap sterol coumpound, flavones and spaponim.Sterol are precursor for the formation of vitamin D. Flavon is a part of the flavonoid that may fuction as anti-implammatory. While the coumpound is one od the main form spaponin glycoside, coumpound is the toxic. Currently being studied the benefits jatropha plant to overcome gum inflammation of the pulp that can dammage the gums.

And to use that is enough to rub it on the sick, and the effect will be fell after you use that. I hope so hurry get bette soon.

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