Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Get Rich

Do you know to get rich inthis world, many way to get that. Anyone of them a career in company, wether a supervisor, manager, or directur as well.With a career from the bottom until they get a good potition in a company, so naturally they get big salary, and adequate facilities.

Even they sometimes don't care about friends, family to get an important potition in company, their left elbow, right elbow, no matter halal haram, the most important principle how to get their ambitions. That its no a good doing for to get rich, cause that will be destroyed.

So the either way to get rich is with a trade or started the bussines, cause with the bussines you will be your own boss, you will be determind the bussines ahead or pullback.

Different if you work to other people, you will be command by your boss, and you will be to given salary so in a mont. But in the bussines maybe you will be get money bigger from what in the company. So in the bussines, if you want the big result, you must hard work. And if you lazzy in your work so you will be small result in your bussiness.

So for a person who not yet job, don't be sad.. lets go to bussiness

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