Thursday, January 05, 2012

National Mobil Esemka Made In Indonesia

Salute for the kids SMK in solo that has be successfuly assembled a car, the name of  the car is Esemka, that is result the work of the nation, and this must be appreciated, because that is a pride for the nation and the country is. Wile the children fro SMK 2 Solo, SMKN 5 Solo, SMK Warga Solo, SMK Dirgajaya, and SMK Rajawali Solo.They guided by Kiat Motor,Klaten.

For component from Esemka car is 80% local comonents such as interior, dashboard, felg and 20% imported from china uch as a piston rings and injction..

Now Esemka  car many orders, almost ten thousand orders. While for the price arround 100-125 million for Esemka sporty. Many from goverment order that car.

But for the problem in this project is the licencin issues. About the feasibility of road permits are stiil in the process

Hopefully is the forrunner of technological. Indonesia progress.