Thursday, January 05, 2012

1000 Sandals Action As in Protest of Justice

In the several of Indonesia carry out 1000 sandals action as in protest of justice. This event organized by activies in Indonesia. This event caused a court child who steals slippers at Palu, the central of Sulawesi. The child name is AAL who steal sandals.

Many sandals will be give to some of the law departemet, including prosecutors, police,etc. the firt have been received many sandals in the police departement. The Police will be share from give result to which needed.

Indonesia is democratic country after reformation, but the juctice can not be enforced. the only thief in court sandals  alone should, strange!.

In the court declared guilty in the AAL, but the end AAL is returned to his family.

Event like this has happened at several place, in cilacap two chlids steal four bananas, they were tried. And there more event not fair in this country.

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