Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cooperation and Solidarity in Bogor Stone Mountain

The days was drizzling rain and drizzle gain sometimes.Yes on Sunday 8 January 2012 it was veri dark, the alias dark overcast.But it did not dampen the spirit of residents RW 14 vilages Tariolot Stone Mountain vilage to work devotion in their dream bulid a Mosque, Masjid Al-Munawwaroh th beloved. On tht day focused on the development fuze second floor.

Parise of the spirit of the citizens RW 14 Tarikolot vilages are very passionate, because it can be seen from the many people who parcitipaced worked together in order to bild this beloved Mosque. From both young and old come together as they work together in communal work done that morning. pleasent scenery when he saw the crowds, young and old come together, work together for one purpose which is to be realized mosque that became a dream together.

In addtion to the compactnes of the boys and their fathers, the mothers was not to e outdone, they gathered in a house to food and drinks for the workers. They were not outnumbered by men. They are compact and work hard.

Anyway, on that day, Sunday 8 January 2012 is a memorable day in the course of social life in his hometown of mount Tarikolot stone vilages, Beautiful scenery. Hopefuly this team solidarity and cooperation can be maintained

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