Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Life Examination

Sometimes in the life not always a glad, smooth the way life is. But sometimes we feell bitterness of this life ,
sad and disappointed againts this life full of twist. Must all fell it in his life, there are sad, happy and so on. Because life is spinning like a wheel, sometimes we are under and sometimes above.

with that condition, there sad or happy we should be able to deal with it, be patient and put their trust in God. We dont angry to other people cause the happen which  have befallen us,especially to God almighty power over destiny.

And if we get a hapiness we dont to over be happy, dont be smug, cause it's easy for God revesed a state that was happy to be difficult., it very veri easy..

Whoever greaful, God shall add to the pleasure, and whoever does not thank God it is a painful doom.
temptations would come, because our dignity that will raise the sight of God

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