Friday, January 06, 2012

Reduced Rations Age In The World

Not feel just my age  already growing. it's has been 33 year old. Now I dont young again, and so my thinking must to change for be the wise, in way I to action must be adult.

Many I have done in my age, like or no like I have passed. So that to add my experience for my life adventure.Still more desire in the life, but it's not all realized and I Must be hard to struggle for achieve there my goal. only pry and surrender to God that we can be do, and the result we leave it to God.

In my carrier it's not change, I think not yet  time for to change. In my love, alhamdulillah I have married and I endowed a child, the boy's name is Faishal Ahmad Zhafran. I'm very glad for all. maybe for the next I will be success, hopefully

 My Inspiration....

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