Monday, January 02, 2012

Yoghurt Are Rich Benefits

Many varian  probiotic food in the market. they are Yoghurt, food probiotic fermented milk though these results have myriad benefits, the texture that soft and match consumed  for kids untill old man.

various studies have shown that yoguhrt prove to be useful for health, food that has fresh sour taste, can inhibit the growth bad bacteria and to care microflora or the good bacteria in alimentary tract, and yoghurt can also to prevent diarrhea and to shorten the digestive tract of acute diarrhea caused by viruses

In the market can be found, the kind of yoghurt. plain yoghurt  that is, and that is white and sour taste. That kind match for mix the food variety, like cake, pudding or beverages because the taste thick.

another plain yoghurt, there are also fruit yoghurt thera are variety what in it have been added fruit juice and fruit pieces. Fruit yoghurt it's nice for direct eat  cause have been added  fruit variety  and sugar for many taste, another fruit taste, now many also we can found yoghurt with taste variety, like chocolate, vanilla and mocca.

Yoghurt is benefits, it's can be prevent disease like bowel cancer, Diarrhea and intoleransy lactosa or milk allergy, and yoghurt can be raise the immune and raise vitamin B formation. Yoghurt contain 275-400 mg calcium, that high enough compared with another source calcium. Yoghurt can be prevent  toxicity  caused by free radicals and premature aging.

with so many benefits of yoghurt, is not wrong if you eat yoghurt.

I hopefuly this article useful.

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