Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How To Raise Visitor To The Blog

In the challenge I want to share how to raise visitor to our blog. Sometime we thinking about our blog where we after make the blog be a good, the appearance it wonderfull when viewed, the content is quality and complete, but no more know about with your blog address. so for it you need to introduce out country.

Introduce that your blog have a good many complete content and useful for all to out country, many ways for to attract visitors, such as with SEO (Search Engine Optimation) there is techniques optimaze website and blog in the search engine, for example in the google  and yahoo.Many techniques can be use for it, one of them is Web Submission.

with this tool  you can be spread one address blog or website ith many search engine and there are free and without pay, including and One of which is And following the way:

  1. Open address :
  2. From the box Free Submisssion in the right, typing the blog address to be published
  3. typing  your email for confirmation form search engine.
  4. Read the random code and than type in the box
  5. click submit button
  6. Finish
 the way to spread  website and blog address to many search engine, then the possibilty your blog or website address can be found to another people will be greater, so we do not  tell to people one by one. Ordinary, the search engine will be index a address blog the total, including the article which is in it will be read. 

Another the website, you can also use tools several website the following:


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