Monday, July 16, 2012

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Just a minute the month of ramadhan coming up, where there are many blessing in Ramadhan month that give by Allah aja wa zalla. Doubled every practice good our actions and in the Ramadhan its the one night where there better from a thoulsand month, it's the name "Lailatul Qodar Night".

So another mandatory fasting in this month, Allah SWT command to our for many action useful, and even harder to pry and must competing in the serve to Allah, so got blessing from Allah SWT. This is big oportunity for a mukmin  to get the glory of Allah SWT.

So in to welcome fasting month not excessive or do not overdo, like buy a many food or drink like sirup or another, prepare anything the logistic for welcome the ramadhan. Or don't run the rituals that not commanded by Rosulullah, like shower in the river together, and many thing that not useful for action.

The good do it for welcome ramadhan month are increased diligently read the Qur'an, if you can, try to understand and than to apply it in the life a little bit. Another it's a relationship with others.

Be happy with to welcome this the holy month, because anyone who likes the coming of ramadhan month, Allah will forgive their sins of past. Optimally use the this month.

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