Thursday, February 02, 2012

Familiarize Something To Not Feel Weigtht To Do

It Felt a little dizzy this head, having just woke up from sleep. Understandably out of work last nigt stayin up all nigth full. Yes that's fate as operator or small person. Working at night is not unusual nature or natural. Because God created the night to rest while the day earn a living.

For nearly 10 years have undergone this. Indeed, when I was young when steping on the age of 20 years so do not feel tired or complain from working at night. Perhaps the spirit was still working. Focused and not much have mind as it is now. It is also support in excellent physical.

Have experienced less than 2 years hile working in Jakarta at the Hotel Omni Batavia, Precisely in 1997 until 1999. At the time ork began on the afternoon at 3 o'clock. because a considerable distance from Bogor, then it must leave around 12 noon. We took 1,5 hours from work, and forced to stay until the morning hours of 6 and returned to Bogor until 8 o'clock.

In the time from 8 to 11 were used for sleeping. the first was heavy as hell to be up for only 3 hour to sleep. However, because it used that way, does not become a otlleneck.

Differences wiyh now at work in Bogor. If you come home from work tonight at o'clock, so I can sleep until 2, and may be forwarded back to sleep after prayers zhuhur. the length of sleep time, the difference when working in Jakarta

Perhaps in this case we have to get something if you want it does not feel heavy. In this case ger a litlle sleep and adequte, rather than a lot of sleep.

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