Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Andik Virmansyah In Drill Club Portugal

The first to play wonderfull to againts club from america, that LA Galaxy in the friendship match, the name of Andik begin to indtroduce in this nation and untill to out of the country. Individu Skill Andik in nice to look when he to bring ball, to pass oponent, and another Andik have speed power in running. Until now Andik dubed Messi from Indonesia.

Veri rare finding good player in Indonesia, and now coming Andik as player which has skill balls,speed to running and good talent, its like Messi, Cause all of that Andik Virmansyah reported  to intrest by two portugal club, there is Benfica and FC Porto, and reported the club from Italy like to Andik too, it's  club is Novara, which play in Seri A. Indonesian Hopefully there are players who play in europe.

Now Andik looking for agent for him in order  to andik can be  comffort play in europe,  another pbroblem Andik not good in language, and hopefully several from taht problem can be solved. lets to pry for Andik advature to Europe.

Hopefully will be coming another Andik in Indonesia in the future,who can be it the name of nation until out of country. lets to struggle for young people to get your dream like Andik...

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