Saturday, December 24, 2011

Begin Make A Blog

When I to begin make a blog,I must to good fell and always spirit.In make a blog for me as begginer, I have to looking for much referency from another blog, and another that I have to  many ask to master of blogger from many forum in internet.

I have been a blog several time, but when I to try to desain make better and has a good blog quality,what happen to my blog?is that better blog?,no, my blog was damage cause me to messing tweaking HTML program.My blog was error.

And why I make a new blog again, cause error my blog, another causing is for try to registrasi to adsense. cause blog must to write in english language for registrasi to adsense. I very hope looking for money in adsense.But it many thing for to get money in internet,its many programs on offer.

So its my simple blog, I hope with this blog I get many beneffits. I hope...  

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