Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toward The New Year Celebration

Many People in the world always waiting at toward the finish year for to new year celebration, many activities people in the world or in indonesia that they prepared for a new celebration for the end of year. At Indonesia the new celebration usually many use a lot of firework, they  gather in city centre, the man or women, old or young, and the children too follow for to celebrating a new year.It maybe the same with in the another country about a new celebration, they lit fireworks at twelve o'clock precisely.

Stay a few days the new year will coming.In media like Newspaper, Radio and TV we cal see how people in the world to preparing for welcome a new year, many people welcome a new year with a variety of ways, in Indonesia many people habit fuel-burn corn and  so many things that are unique for welcome a new year in the world, and they are interisting to looking. maybe this happen cause they are boring with habit of  celebratation, so they are creative for looking for the new ideas for welcome a new year, and they are interesting for wait.

I think in welcome to a new year much a good activities that give useful for us, like to carry out social activities, sympathze orphans, visiting nursing  homes or provide something benefecial for the poor and many other thing  useful activities  can do. and it would be more meaningful if it done instead of partying with no benefits..,Happy new year and hopefully you get success.

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