Monday, December 26, 2011

Creating Healthy Teeth

Unwittingly tooth is a small part of the body that is quite important. Dental health affects overall health of our bodies. Teeth can become infected with a source of disease and damage in other organs, such as heart, lung, and so on.

below tips to maintain healthy teeth

1. Choosing a Toothbrush
     We recommend choosing a toothbrush bristles not too hard. Hard bristle brush can injure and cause erosion of the gums. so that the gums down, the roots of the teeth will be open and feel pain when consuming hot or cold foods.

2. Choosing a toothpaste,
     Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride is not much, because it can make teeth brittle. and do not choose a toothpaste that is too much foam and therefore many contain detergents.

3. How to brush your teeth
     Brushing your teeth should be the way the twist as it will not damage the teeth. brush the top of the tongue teeth. front teeth brushed with upward and downward. to the side teeth, brush in a circular motion with a portion of the tooth brush

4. The time is right for enyikat teeth.
     Brushing your teeth done at least twice a day ie in the morning and at night before bed. The time it takes to brush your teeth at least two or three minutes, depending on needs.

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