Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rich Countris But, many Poor People

In the recent month, the forbes magazine published the order of the richest people in Indonesia, in description of teh order of the rich people were in Indonesia a lot of people rich. besides that country Indonesia is a country that has abundant natural resources, particularly mining, petroleum gas and marine resources and the other a case of non-oil wealth. But what we can see in this country are still many people who live below the poverty line, strange indeed, why this happened.

What cause is this happen, is that cause by a leader who do not attention his people or not just in distribution of development. Or that cause from capitalist system were the rich man be coming richer man, and the poor becoming poorer. Many people not care with another people, to feell simpatic to the same human is not looking again although several people still there are spirit for humanity.

We can look to another neighbour country like japan, malaysia, etc. How they are can manage his country be a develoved country,  From Infrasructure they are so good and they leader is good have a brave and it coud be affair.beside that they people work together create they country be a developed country.

I hope Indonesia can be also like Japan, Malaysia or another country which can be example for be a developed country, both from leaders or from people work together to create Indonesia be a developed country. so there are no disparity between poor and rich, and the adjust the condition of the state of Indonesia which is rich in natural wealth,  raising living standarts for people

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