Friday, December 30, 2011

Preventing Deaths Snake Bites

Although often happen in the centre city, the problem of snake still attention by medical expert, cause ot death threats big enough. That be happen if patient who is bitten snake late to get appropriate treatment.So very important for to understanding how step thet needs to bedone to person who is bitten snake.

In the world there 2500 of kinds snake, 500 species is poisonous, and 200 species can cause death, or  permanent disability.. Poisonous snake many in Asia shoutheast it's The Russel's vipers, Malayan vit pipers green vit pipers, and carpet pipers.

there are the first aid which can be done to snake bite victim:

1 evacuation of victims to safety, many victims do not move because of muscle movement can accelerate the    spread of toxins not press the bite because of the emphasis will accelerate the spread of poison
3.area around the bite may be bound, but not too tight because it will cause pain. This bond serves to restrict the movement not to prevent the spread of venom.
4. Bring to a nearby clinic as soon as possible 
5. To relieve pain were given a pain reliever containing paracetamol.
6. f propagated nausea and vomiting are symptoms of poisoning, the paper can be laid with the head lower than feet and dimirinksn position to prevent vomit into the respiratory tract.

Maybe that's just how is specifies the bit of first aid in snake bit victims.

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