Sunday, December 25, 2011

How Make to blog

Many way how to make blog,there are make with blogspot or wordpress. But in this article will be explaine how make to blog with blogspot. Ok not longer lets to begin make a simple blog.look under is arrange how to make blog.

  1. The first you must have a mail,and you can make email in the
  2. In make email you will be enter name,birthday and other.
  3. After you get activation from you can use that email for make a blog.
  4. Browse blogger and click that and than you can sign up or create blog.
  5. You will be enter several your data same you to make your mail.
  6. After you fill your data,and you have account blog and you can begin write in your blog.
Enough is my explaine for to make a simple a blog, and I will to be continue at another times,I hope usefull is my write.thank to visit to my blog.

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