Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hard Became A Member on The Google Adsense

Heard the news from my friends who tried to search again on the dollar on the internet, about how hard it became a member of the google adsense publisher, so  more than once or more who tried to register, and never accepted by Adsense.

The reasons vary, there is because his blog does not speak English, not many visitors to his blog, or the content of the blogs listed are less qualified, or because the content just copies the contents of the paste.

Responding to the above, it felt so scared and less confident to try to register this blog to shed dollars, because there are still many deficiencies in the appeal with the blogs that are made by the master blog. Their blogs nice and cool and has a value of the benefit.

But someday this blog will definitely try to be registered on the adsense, although bitter reality is not acceptable. I hope accepted. To be sure we must try and try, dare to try do not be afraid to fail, the best teacher is experience

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